Robert Finkei, Jakub Medvecky Heretik
Ilya Yavnoshan, Connor Muething
Sleeping on a speedway
Damir Zhaksilikov
Maciej Rodzik
With Cotton
Cotton Ltd, Ensemble
Planet Lizard
Alex, Ilja
Szilvia Szalai, Gregor Toth
digital of things
Studio Jason Booth
Jason Booth
Site by Decimal
Umanesimo Artificiale, Alex Piacentini, Davide Marcianesi
NODE Berlin Oslo & Bengler
Stefano Dealessandri
Rachel Kim
Alicia Guo
Ellie Anthony
Studio OBV
Aparna Krishnan Reshmy
Website design: Ilenia Notarangelo & Luca Gonnelli + Design deployment & Portfolio: Giovanna Crise + Development:
Ilya Yavnoshan
Serge Vasin
Kim Andre Ottesen, Marius Sunde
Branding: Sean C Bate, Photography: Ben Moynihan
Tali Liberman & Nir Shaked
Jun Hong & Ji Park
Rachel Kim
studio Pointer*
studio Pointer*
Bualié Studio &
Marco Land
Valerie Steenhaut, Kalok Yeung, Arvin Leeuwis, Cacho Salvador, Allie Heesh, Shestakovych Studio
Daniel Powell
Clusterduck Collective
Lisa Grüb, Laura Dunse

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