Gianluca Monaco, Kara Lin
Lucas Hesse
Querida, Oscar Gomez
Büro XYZ, Ewerton Azevedo
OKOK Services
Elisabeth Hacker, Lukas Huber, Tobias Vallant
OK Deploy
Sohrab Kashani
Sohrab Kashani
Sohrab Kashani
Krystian Zun
Ilya Yavnoshan, Connor Muething
Ash Jones, Seamus White
Heena Chung, Minhyung Lee
Rachel Kim
OKO Services
Sofya Tuymedova
Sofya Tuymedova
Practice Theory
Noam Youngrak Son
Rachel Kim
Treat Swarstad
Paul Pacher
Rachel Kim
Gina Bartzok
Marc Liu
Austin Rowan Grove
Happening Studio
Ben West
Maxim Tur, Hauke Irrgang
Basics VK UdK
Lina Schwarzenberg
Leonie Kaltenegger
Jonas Pelzer
Samuel Bassett
Emil Kowalczyk

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