amandine reynaud
Laura Campos Lorenzo
Matt Imling, Lidia Conde
Porto Rocha, Open Statement
4 raphaelameaume
Raphaël Améaume, Philippe Neveu
Giga design studio
1 nature-est-decouverte
Anna Baumann Agathe Lavarel
3 typemorpher
Esteban Barco
2 vana
Alex, Carter
Giga design studio
design Thomas Hervé Studio, Coding Philipp Polder
#00F Agency
Design Thomas hervé studio, Coding Philipp Polder
Nicolas Tilly
Lidia Conde, Matt Imling
Giga design studio
Axel Berggraf Egenæs, Jonas Vetlesen
Giga design studio
Junior Vigneault
Tokant, Norgram
Headless Horse and printers_scanner
studio bauhaus
Porto Rocha, Open Statement
Base Design: Daniel Peterson, Tal Levin, Ryan Scott, Felicia Madzzar, Andrey Starkov, Artem Lyustik, Rinat Abdrakhmanov, Sergei Khegai, Julia Burilina, Mac Archibald
Bualié Creative Studio
Design, Development: Elena Rudolph. Client: Sophie Bohmeier
Munari Design
Sasha Barabonova
Brian O'Tuama, Franek Dąbrowski
Arvin Leeuwis, Tal Midyan, Kalok Yeung, Margarida Serra
Lina Schwarzenberg
martillo studio
Thomas Hervé, Rafa Cobiella
nay mai studio
Verbundene Räume
(LEAD TEAM) Anna Sophia Rußmann, Kilian Immervoll, Pipi Fröstl (DESIGN) Lisa Eder (PROGRAMMIERUNG) Left Studio, Elias Stockhammer, Tobias Zotter (KÜNSTLER*INNEN) Manuel Riegler, Gianna Virginia Prein, Julia Müllner, Lisa Edi, Ralph Mothwurf
Ilya Yavnoshan, Connor Muething
Sleeping on a speedway
Damir Zhaksilikov

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